Gottesdienst Online: “Faith and Politics, again”


Stuff to consider from our post-libertarian monarchist theologian-in-residence over at Gottesdienst:

I, for one, think the Church’s public advocacy should stick to Thus Says the Lord. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops have vastly diminished their voice by pronouncing on every topic under the sun from immigration policy to welfare spending. When they finally had a real religious issue (the HHS mandate for them to break their consciences by buying birth control for folks), I wonder how many folks just shrugged and said it was the Catholics being political again? I don’t want to see Lutherans going down the same road.

This stuff ports well, right? As in, there’s no reason a thoroughgoing Christian monarchist wouldn’t also think along such lines, is there?


2 thoughts on “Gottesdienst Online: “Faith and Politics, again”

  1. I would agree with this mode of going about things, personally. However, it would take some distinct effort on the part of the LCMS or pastors within to change the general political attitude to “actively abstaining to speak on a current topic,” from the current mode of “We’re 30 years behind everything, we’ll get to it later.” Being that both involve silence of some sort, they can be mistaken for each other. The latter we have a track record with, the former we most certainly do not.


    1. Yep, I agree. The problem with “stick to Thus Says the Lord” is that it gets stretched quite a bit in some areas. I’d rather the Synod state non-binding political opinions on everything than say their few political press releases are backed with a “Thus Says the Lord.” I simply do not trust any modern church body to make correct political statements. As Walther said,

      “Especially during recent years, Christian communities have had to face trial by fire. But, to put it bluntly, they have not passed this trial. Not that the American theology—if we want to mention it—has just now succumbed! It has been quite obvious for some time, that in addition to the various sects with their false teachings, many humanistic ideas and efforts of the modern world have found their way into Christianity…The local theology is carried along by this stream of fashionable, current opinions. They do not even shy away from serving movements who are obviously nothing other than affirmation of the spirit of these days; movements which are quite easily such that one can perceive them as the beginning of the world’s terrible, final drama of the battle of the anti-Christian powers against the order of state, church, and home.”



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