Canonical poetry, canonical essays, canonical quotations…

We would like to have the best words here in The Cellar-Door.

Antonius Angelus’s post inspired me to spiff up our Menu (currently sporting only “Home” and “About” pages) with a few additional items:

  • Canonical poetry. What’s the good poetry? I’ll include links to what’s been suggested so far, as well as anything else you suggest, unless your suggestions suck. “The Gods of the Copybook Headings” will top the list— ’tis only just.
  • Canonical essays. Long or short-form, on any topic. What has influenced you? What do you have saved in your bookmarks? What do you insist people read in order to “get” something? I’d say that it can be your own work, but that would blow your anonymity by sending something that shows up elsewhere on the web. Caveat scriptor.
  • Canonical quotes. Same deal. But, please…provide citations. There is so much apocryphal stuff out there.

If we get enough stuff in any one category, I’ll bust out some sweet subcategory menus like it’s 1998, and that’s a promise.


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