Schaeffer on Knowing Oneself

Francis Schaeffer hit the nail on the head years ago about the gender identity confusion going on:

Because man revolted against God and tried to stand autonomous, the great alienation is in the area of man’s separation from God. When that happened, then everything else went. This autonomy is carried over into the very basic area of epistemology, of knowing, so that knowing, he is divided from himself. If there are no common categories between the internal fantasy and the external world, man is divided and feels alienated from himself. He has no universals to cover the particulars in his own life. Then he begins to scream, “Who am I?” Does that sound familiar to any of you who do Christian work today? At L’Abri we have youngsters come from the ends of the earth and say, “I have come to try to find out who I am.” It is not just some psychological thing, as we usually think of psychological. It is basically epistemological. Man’s attempted autonomy has robbed him of any certain reality. He has nothing to be sure of when his imagination soars beyond the stars if there is nothing to make a distinction between reality and fantasy. But on the basis of the Christian epistemology, this confusion is ended, the alienation is healed. This is the heart of the problem of knowing, and it is not solved until our knowledge fits under the apex of the infinite-personal, triune God who is there and who is not silent. When it does, and only when it does, there simply is no problem in the area of epistemology.”

Francis A. Schaeffer, He Is There And He Is Not Silent



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