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The world’s ugliest chasuble

The other colors (red, white, and…magenta) are equally hideous, each with their own “bold” design. From the catalog that came to St. James’ Church today…

In Pius, a 100% Trevira fabric. Width 59″, length 53″; unlined; with inside stole. With digitally printed design by Brody Neuenschwander, an American calligrapher and text artist whose work explores the boundaries between text and image. Chasuble, plain neck “0”. On the right side is a page from a medieval bible, written in dense and dramatic Gothic script, which represents the preaching of the Gospel. To the left in bold, yellow calligraphy:”Santus Dominus Deus Sabaoth” from the Santus of the Mass.

Source: Chasuble | Brody Neuenschwander | Slabbinck | 5008G53GPU – F.C. Ziegler Company

He “explores the boundaries between text and image.” Uh-huh. Well I hate to say it, Sir Francis Drake, but your exploration is going nowhere. Never trust a guy named Brody to make your vestments.

Of course, there’s a good chance of one of these showing up in a LCMS parish someday…